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Turn your TV on and select the correct video input to see the Bose® Music Library onscreen menu.

on the remote, press library to enter the music library.

use the down arrow to highlight "ustations" and then press the right arrow to enter the playlists screen.

use the down arrow to highlight the ustation you want to name.

press guide to see the list of actions you can take.

highlight "edit name" and press the right arrow. the edit screen keyboard appears.

Adding and editing text

You can name each playlist or uStation® by using the Edit screen keyboard. This screen also allows you to edit the names of a selected artist, album or track.

There are three keyboard views with different characters to choose from.

  • Basic alphabet (A in the image)
  • Numbers and symbols (1! in the image)
  • Language characters (Ó in the image)

Use these buttons on the remote to edit information onscreen:

navigation pad: to move around the keyboard and highlight characters. left and down arrows also move into different keyboard views.

enter: to add the highlighted character to the text line.

Adding letters to the text line

The limit for a Playlist or uStation name is 16 characters. As you add new characters they will appear in the upper left section of your screen.

to add characters to the text line: highlight each letter key and press enter.

to delete the last character from the top line: highlight "erase" and press enter. with each press of the button, the character furthest right is deleted from the screen

to change to capital letters: highlight "shift" and press enter. then select a letter and press enter. to return to lowercase letters, highlight "shift" again

to add a space between words: highlight "space" and press enter

To add a number: Move left and down to the Numbers & Symbols keyboard ("1!") and select the desired number

To add an accented letter: Move left and down to the Special Characters keyboard ("Ó") and select the letter

to save your additions or edits: move up to "save" and press enter

to exit the edit screen without saving: move up to "cancel" and press enter

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